Thursday, 17 October 2013

Year 2 - summer project into design

Year 2 has started!
We looked at making layouts from magazine clippings to match 8 tasks for the first part of our first brief back. We then had to choose 4 of these to apply our summer projects to. Here are mine as of yet, whether I'll change them or not I dunno.

Oops - update!

Me, Amy Cuismano and Jess Julien worked together at the end of our first year to produce a book of a minimum of 20 copies which we had to design, produce and sell in the space of 3 weeks.

That was a good while ago now and I've neglected my blog since, so here's some of the pages I made for the book 'Totally not a Spy Manual'.

Front cover, black holes were cut out to make eye-holes/reveal the mirror page underneath. The original plan was to make a newspaper but printing costs/difficulties came into play and so we downsized to a rough A5 shape for our book.

This page was printed on acetate, with mirror sheet sticker on the left side (reverse). The idea was that you could look through the mirror sheet and through the eye-holes in the cover without people realising because all they'd be able to see is 2 mirrored circles. However it turned out the mirror sheet wasn't see-through on the reverse side. We put it in anyway.
 There's a series of pages I made for the book for spy tips, with some small illustrations to accompany the text.

 This is the center spread I made for the book, a where's wally type image but instead of finding a man in stripes, you have to locate the 4 assassins and a bomb.
(highlight below to reveal hints)

Hints - a1: Roof access 
a2: close behind 
a3: hiding his roots 
a4: lampost 
bomb: mind your feet