Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Georges Bwelle final illustration

"For a country like mine, people like to dream, to dance, to enjoy their life. But with poverty they cannot enjoy their life. 
To go to the village is a pleasure. If I can help 2 or 3 people that would be great."

My ideas weren't exciting me and I felt they were headed nowhere until I gave into the urge to draw an Afro on this great guy. That's when a funkier version of Georges formed and demanded to be drawn.
Cameroon has jungles and it had popped up several times in my research, inevitably Jungle Boogie came to mind and after looking at the lyrics I decided a more relevant substitute for "get down, get down" was "get well, get well".

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Dr Georges Bwelle

This is Dr. Georges Bwelle, he's a nice guy who travels more or less every weekend to remote locations in the Cameroon providing free healthcare to those who don't have access/easy access to healthcare. He's a hero, a role model and an inspiration.

Find out more about him here -


Look at these hooters.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Intangibles - Hunger

Our latest brief is to illustrate intangibles, here's some of my drawings that I've coloured digitally. I'm attempting something in the style of Jean Jullien

These are illustrations of Hunger.

Aled Davies logo

Today one of our lecturers put up an opportunity to design a logo for Paralympic Gold Medalist, Aled Davies MBE. With the details of that it needs to feature a bear and possibly 'F42'. Here's my response to it.

I began by drawing some bears, that had to look '
focussed, powerful and slightly aggressive bear', I mainly looked at grizzly bears hunting salmon.

 I thought that it needed to look more aggressive so I gave it a mouth.

 I then scanned in my final lineart and created a vector of it on illustrator.

I developed this with various typefaces and eventually different compositions.

I felt the Aled Davies type worked better to the side and that the 'F42', if used could be used on the arm of the bear, reflecting Aled's tattoo on his arm.
 I tried putting it within a circle but I felt that limited it a bit so I returned to the original idea.

 Final logo idea

Various colour options.