Sunday, 16 February 2014

More tweet illustrations

The person I chose to illustrate tweets from is Bryan Lee O'Malley. He created Scott Pilgrim which is a collection of 6 graphic novels, you may have heard of the film 'Scott Pilgrim vs the world'.

I've been choosing tweets of his to illustrate from the day before as he lives in LA which is about 7 hours behind.


From what I know, valium makes people sleepy like Prince Valium in the film Spaceballs.

So I played around with that idea mainly, a sleepy love heart, a sleepy man giving flowers and the idea that the man is spiking his partner's morning tea/coffee so that he can have the day to himself. However when I showed my work to others they saw something a bit more sinister, which was not my intention (just thought I'd clear that up).


I decided on this in the end.


Authors looking moody in their photos, I started by drawing some doodles and then looked at some typical author photos for reference.

I thought giving them thought bubbles would add to the humour. Introverts don't typically like people or attention that much, so maybe that's why they have these 'pained expressions'.

I chose one to go with but decided to re-draw it with a bit more character.

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Our current brief is to follow someone on twitter and create illustrations of their tweets starting today for 5 days. The tweet is from the day or previous day, here's some of my sketchbook where I've illustrated some previous tweets to prepare.

Today I chose this tweet;

“we are all in the ____, but some of us are staring at the ____s” fill both with “butt” - Bryan Lee O'Malley

And produced these drawings from that.