Friday, 31 January 2014

Changes to the world goth day stuff

Just changed the world 'GOTH' in the 'GET GOTH' and 'WORLD GOTH DAY' to a gothic typeface.

Moved the yellow bars up, changed the 'GOTH'

 Same again but for my flyer

No change

World Goth Day Final outcomes

Here's my outcomes for this brief. An event poster, a flyer and a web banner advertising World Goth Day to the unlikely audience of Chavs/'Lads'.

Event Poster
roughly A3 sized
280 x 420mm (to fit a 2:3 ratio as specified in our brief)

Flyer front
A6 sized 

Flyer back

Web Banner
(gif animated)
728 x 90px

Event Poster: World Goth Day

We chose a number 0-50 and we were given an event according to the list of numbered events. I got World Goth Day. We had to make a poster, flyer and a web banner for our given events but aim them to an unlikely audience.
Immediately I thought of chavs.
Below are layout sheets where I thumb-nailed various ideas I had.

I had collected a fair amount of photos in my research and on pinterest of chavs and goths and so I tried out some of my ideas in these digital mock ups.

Below I took inspiration from the Trainspotting posters by Lorenzo Agius.

I decided to revisit one of my ideas of basically sex sells, so show the chavs/lads something attractive but goth-themed.

As these photos aren't mine and the brief specified to create our own images.

So I took this:
(Original photo that I found from a pinterest search, I made some minor edits to it for the above mock-ups but this is the original)

And I drew these:

 (lineart with parts marked for cel shading)
(black and white copic drawing)
(black chalk drawing for texture)

My initial idea was just a lineart drawing with inks but then I thought about the textures I could achieve with the chalks. Then as an afterthought, I thought about using my new black and grey copics to produce another image I could work with. In the end I used all of 3 of these in a combination.

 plain lineart
 cel-shaded drawing

And this is the final image after all the editing, ready to be placed in my poster.