Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lino prints!

I made this drawing for a printmaking induction and the results are below of my lino prints.

Grr for the camera

Tony took a video of me in Life Drawing, been meaning to take some photos of my drawings and upload them...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rockhopper and puffin

Some fineliner and 'Aquash' drawings I made tonight. Aquash are some soluble crayons essentially, a bit like soluble inks or watercolours.

Locations week 1

Last week we went to the train station to do some drawing of anything we felt captured the essence of the train station. I was more interested in drawing people though personally so all but one of the drawings I made were of people.

Pencil drawings.

Fineliner drawings.
Tippex and pencil and then colour pencil drawings.

Final images 2x A3

The shoe project

Meant to post these a bit ago.

I took apart some shoes, had one sawn in half and I took 50 photos of them in different arrangements/angles etc.

I then chose 6 of these photos and manipulated them digitally.
3 in colour, 3 in black and white.
Editing using contrasts and brightness, thresholds, hue/saturation etc.

Physical manipulations below...

A2 drawings

Friday, 22 March 2013

Lion T-shirt design

I made a t-shirt design for the silk screen induction a few weeks ago. I began with a drawing of a lion.
I then inked it, adding another sheet, then scanning them both I fixed them together in photoshop, making a few edits etc.
And here are the finished products below, I printed on 2 white t-shirts and 1 black t-shirt.

 The white t-shirt turned out as I wanted, maybe a little out of line in places, but not too bad.

 The black t-shirt didn't turn out as well as I expected, I probably needed more layers of ink, or a more opaque red ink, not sure but it looks quite odd in person.