Thursday, 7 February 2013

Title sequences

Our randomly picked tv programme that we have to made a 10-30 second title sequence for;

Aquatextile Savegoose Challenge
Mystifying gameshow in which contestants don blindfolds and gloves in an attempt to identify a patch of fabric glued to the base of a swimming pool without the use of eyes or fingers, before the time runs out and a goose has its head pulled of by a specially-built clockwork machine in front of a party of confused and frightened German schoolchildren.
Producer: Butch R. Sous

Just looking at various title sequences, focusing on gameshows as that's what my fictional show is.

I'm also looking at other tv shows/episodes because most gameshow intros are awful. The Hustle has a type of intro I initially thought of for savegoose, the style is much like Saul Bass's work.
As goosesave has a few features that would be difficult to get hold of such as the clockwork machine, I feel an animated approach would work best, plus it would be less disturbing for the intro if the clockwork machine was more implied than actually there.

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  1. Pity you couldn't get the UK supermarket sweep. It's even camper as it has Dale Winton