Friday, 6 November 2015

Some Comics on Tapastic

Hello everyone,
I've recently been uploading my not-so-daily comics onto this great website I've discovered recently: Tapastic.

Here's the link!

I came across it whilst looking for where I could host a webcomic (for an upcoming project with a writer) and it seems pretty good, and it's available as an App. Which is cool but unfortunately I have a windows phone and I can't get the App - sad times, but maybe you can! I've put all the comics from my website and blog on there and I've recently scanned all of the comics I've drawn in my sketchbook which you may have seen on my Instagram. I'll be uploading those daily for at least the next week and then I'll work out a method of keeping them daily as I draw them. The good thing about Tapastic is that you can schedule uploads so if I just sit down and colour a bunch I can get working on new comics in the time it takes.

Here's a couple that I've uploaded recently.

Thanks for reading! :)

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