Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Film poster collection moodboard

Just a collection of some film posters I've looked at. Some old film noir posters, some neo noir posters and then some more recent films I just like the appearance of. I've looked at Drew Struzan's work as I've shown with videos that I've posted below. I quite like the poster art he create, to do it myself would take too long for this brief but regardless I want to create something a bit more illustrative from photos that I've taken. I thought of the burn after reading poster too because it was a poster that used to be up on the wall in my media studies classroom in sixth form. I found it more interesting than the other ones around it at the time. The silhouette style has sort of implanted itself into my head from then. I like the idea of monochromatic images like Scarface, The Godfather and Chinatown too. The Batman Dark Knight Rises posters are something I might try and use for my poster design, creating 2 posters featuring one character and the other (male and female characters). Mainly incorporating the idea of character posters as a sort of advertising campaign, similar to what was done with The Dark Knight Rises recently.

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