Monday, 15 December 2014

Ghost stories!

My current brief has been to illustrate 3 ghost stories and a cover that binds them. I've also decided to create some simple gifs of them to add to the illustration.

The Treasure of Abbot Thomas by M. R. James

' "So I looked up, and I see someone's 'ead lookin' over at us. I s'pose I must ha' said somethink, and I 'eld the light up and rune up the steps, and my light shone right on the face." '

The Upper Berth by F. Marion Crawford

In this story, the main character is plagued by the continuous opening of the porthole in his cabin. I can't find a line that best describes the situation but I felt that this illustrates the story as a whole.

A Tale of an Empty House by E. F. Benson

The main character decides to have his lunch by what seems to be an abandoned house, he awakes to hear sounds from inside the house and becomes concerned that he was being watched from the window he slept under.

Given feedback, I've made changes to these illustrations, which I'll post later.

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