Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Satanists again

I have revisited a previous brief (editorial illustration for an article on satanism in South Africa) before end of semester hand in and created a gif from one of my illustrations that I didn't go with.

This was the original drawing. I didn't go with it because I felt it was too simple, too flat and possibly boring

 However after feedback it was suggested that it was one of the stronger ones but didn't have a gif to go with it as per the brief instructions.

So here's the gif!

Revisiting it I went with this first, however I felt the eyes and grin were unnecessary and looked out of place. Also I realised that the man shouldn't relax his expression until the hand had disappeared. Both of which I have amended below.

As seen here.

Following some techniques I've used in my last brief on ghost stories I have used textures on this gif as well.

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