Thursday, 4 October 2012

On location at John Watt & Son café

Click it!  It will take you to the ISSUU publication of the magazine me and Sam Douglas made for our first brief.

Our brief involved visiting a location over a period of 3 days, basically recording anything and everything by taking photos or doing sketches and even recording videos. From our collection of photos, sketches and a couple of videos we then selected ideas we wanted to run with. Below are some of the photos we took between us in John Watt & Son café.

 I quite liked how the drinks appeared well presented.

I laid my camera on the table for some discreet photos.

 I took a lot of photos of this guy, who became one of the focuses in our magazine.

Some of these we used, other photos we worked from or edited to suit the colours we had in mind.
However after producing drawings and edited photos from our collection in the first week, we then had plenty to work with when making the 20 page magazine with the front and back covers, making 22 pages in total.

We found that we could also use the brief history of John Watt & Son café with our magazine alongside our mix of illustrations and photographs. Luckily we had the foresight to type it up incase we needed it, which we did. I think it gives the magazine a nice narrative throughout, being relevant to our location.

Which brings me to the front and back covers, the "What is a cheese scone?", replied with on the back cover, "It's a scone... toasted... with cheese". This was inspired by a conversation we heard between an elderly lady and one of the waitresses. We found it amusing and so we thought it'd be a great idea for our front and back cover as a secondary narrative, as the reader has to read from cover to cover to find the reply to the question.

Overall I've quite enjoyed this brief, I've discovered I like using ink with a brush as a media, how to create digital books and I've had the experience of working with another illustrator, which I will very likely have to do in the future.

Once again, I worked with Sam Douglas on this brief, so here's a link to his blog again,

Thanks for reading :)

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